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Chromo2 brings new dimensions to DNA ancestry testing, delivering significantly more detail than any other test for your fatherline, motherline or your overall ancestry.

The World's Most Advanced Genetic Ancestry Test

Driven by the world-leading technology of Illumina, Chromo2 is our latest, state-of-the-art gene chip, offering the most comprehensive DNA ancestry testing available.

Chromo2 YDNA Icon YDNA - Fatherline

Tracing your fatherline (surname line), Chromo2 YDNA tests over 15,000 Y chromosome markers, more than any other product on the market. The markers have been carefully selected to be most informative, and as free from duplication as possible. They have been hand picked from the 1000 Genomes Project, 500 Dutch Genomes and from a selection of high value personal genomes, many from our own research. READ MORE

Chromo2 mtNA Icon mtDNA - Motherline

Tracing your motherline along every known mitochondrial DNA branch with over 3,000 markers, the Chromo2 mtDNA test provides a more comprehensive result than standard chip testing. Since mtDNA is a smaller piece of DNA than the Y chromosome, containing many fewer letters, these 3,000 markers account for all known mtDNA lineages. READ MORE

Chromo2 All my Ancestry Icon All my Ancestry

Over 250,000 autosomal markers power the All My Ancestry test to paint a picture of your recent ancestral mix. Do you have Native American ancestry? African? East Asian? What proportion of Southern European and Northern European is your genome? Or are you a more complex mix? All My Ancestry provides the answer. We compare your data to an extensive set of reference samples of known ancestry, the largest on the market, including over 4000 individuals from over 200 populations from all over the world. We show which populations you are closest to genetically and what proportions of your ancestry are from each of seven continental level groups. READ MORE

Chromo2 Blue Eyes Icon Blue Eyes

Discover the genetics of your eye colour with our Blue Eyes test. Is your eye colour rare for the genotype you have? What is the probability that your children will have blue, green or brown eyes? Find out with the Blue Eyes test. Become part of the blue eyes story - even if you don’t have blue eyes! READ MORE

Chromo2 Red-Head Icon Red-Head

Gene variants that cause red hair are recessive, meaning that someone could carry a red-head variant and not even know it! Of course, those with red hair need only look in the mirror, however the Chromo2 Red-Head test can tell them which of the known variants they carry. The Chromo2 Red-Head test is the most detailed available, testing for 33 known red-head variants of the MC1R gene, including some that we have discovered. READ MORE

Please note, our typical turnaround time is 8 - 10 weeks.

What is deep ancestry and what can a genetic ancestry test tell me?

Deep ancestry is the uncovering of our ancestral origins, taking us back to the very beginning of our ancestral lineage. It is not like traditional genealogy and does not provide information on tracing present day relatives. Rather, deep ancestry goes back tens of thousands of years to our ancient ancestral roots, possible only by reading the secrets written in our DNA.

By identifying DNA markers through mitochondrial and Y chromosome DNA testing, the most informative means of learning about our ancient ancestry, it is possible to discover where and when your ancient ancestors originated, and retrace their genetic footprints across the globe over thousands of years.

When the origins and genetic journey of your ancestors is placed in a historical context, a genetic ancestry test provides a bigger picture of your place in the world. And with our new Chromo2 range of ancestry tests, you can find out more than ever before about your ancient ancestry, as well as paint a picture of your recent ancestral mix through autosomal testing.

Your Results - What you will receive

Chromo2 YDNA Icon

Chromo2 Ancestry Test

View a demonstration Chromo2 result including the historical narrative and supporting materials.

Chromo2 All my Ancestry [AMA] Icon

All My Ancestry Test

View a demonstration of a chromosome painting. Discover what a global connections plot looks like and tells you.

Chromo2 Blue Eyes Icon

Blue Eyes Test

View an example of the Blue Eye results. Compare your result to the rest of the nation, discover the blue eyes story and learn the science behind your results.

Chromo2 Red Head Icon

Red-Head Test

View your redhead variants plotted on the MC1R gene, their transmission probabilities and variant strength.